Our visions are within reach:

  • Creating sustainable utility for our clients
  • Offering and exploiting synergies
  • Focusing on our clients’ quality standards
  • Continuing education for our staff
  • Integrating and promoting technological development
  • Contributing to Aachen as a technical location

Innovation and responsibility

Public and industrial infrastructures are key pillars of a functioning economy and society. Our clients are electricity generators, municipal utilities, building and facilities offices and hospitals.

On the industry side, they include major power generators and international industrial partners of public principals. What they have in common is trust in our competence, our knowledge, our understanding of their responsibility and our aim to integrate and promote technological development.


Like us, our clients are far-sighted visionaries who also want to create sustainable utility for their customers. Together, we focus on our clients’ quality standards and our joint responsibility toward future generations.

Reliable, trustworthy partners

We view our collaboration with clients and suppliers as complex, partnering and trust-based. Within the framework of our longstanding commitment to cooperation in this area we are driven by a shared enthusiasm for technical solutions. And this climate of cooperation gives rise to the best partnerships, in which all partners are united by the joy they derive from the results achieved.

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