Generation of technical documentation (incl. ecscad)

  • Preparation of the entire electrical-systems documentation according to the documentation specifications of public principals
  • Complete plant equipment overhauls in cooperation with our clients’ technical staff
  • Review of all existing documentation
  • Preparation of potential plant expansions

As-built documentations and audit documents – we’ll prepare your documentation.

The TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency) expects you to provide full documentation of your technical systems – on a regular basis, on surprisingly short notice or in response to an ultimatum. Such demands are usually posed at the wrong time, in the course of personnel-intensive projects or after personnel changes affecting people who have been in positions for decades. At worst, technical documentations are incomplete, full of handwritten changes and reflect only inherited know-how. We enter existing documents into a CAD system and prepare a corresponding list of points requiring clarification. In consultation with our customers we examine these open questions at the local level – until we have obtained a clear picture that can be incorporated into the documentation. On the basis of our know-how in the field of electrical engineering and other interdisciplinary knowledge, we are able to determine what is logical, identify errors and decide which positions require further verification.

At the same time such an investment will protect the existing equipment and machinery and provide security for future years.

Infrastructure technics also means …

… expert knowledge in:

  • ecscad
  • AutoCAD